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Ice-cream van full of tobacco seized

Police in Kent have seized an ice-cream van packed with cigarettes and tobacco, after being tipped off by local residents.

16,430 cigarettes and 10.45 kilos of hand-rolling tobacco were seized in total – an estimated duty evasion of almost £4,500. More quantities were also found back at the driver’s house, along with other illegal substances.

Bob Gaiger, HM Revenue & Customs spokesman, said: “Working with Kent Police, our teams will pursue businesses or people involved in selling tobacco products on which the duty has not been paid.”

“This type of crime is depriving the public purse of around £3 billion-a-year in lost revenue.”

No arrests have been made but police are continuing with their enquiries. HM Revenue & Customs have now seized the van, and will carry out a full investigation.

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