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Illegal tobacco

Social media house rules

We want everyone to feel safe using our social media pages and so spam, bullying and offensive comments will not be tolerated and repeat offenders will be blocked.

Our moderation policy is in accordance with our social media house rules, which are:

Please do:

1. only post information that you are happy for everyone to see

2. keep your posts on topic

3. use appropriate language

4. share our posts from your accounts

Please do not:

1. post personal information, such as phone numbers or addresses

2. post anything unlawful, defamatory, embarrassing, or damaging to someone’s reputation, libellous, abusive, threatening, harmful, obscene, sexually oriented or racially offensive

3. bully, harass or intimidate any individual or organisation

4. spam or troll our page (i.e. post persistent negative or abusive posts designed to provoke a response)

5. post the same message, or a similar message, repeatedly

6. promote or advertise other services on our channels.

We will ignore, hide or delete comments that we feel are inappropriate and break our house rules.

We will ban any user who repeatedly violates our house rules.

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