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Sally’s story

My flat mate keeps saying we should buy our cigarettes on Facebook Marketplace – there’s loads of bargains to be had. He says they don’t sell them as cigarettes because Facebook will take the listing down but they advertise them as something completely different – seemingly pretty expensive but then you see in the picture they are actually selling cigarettes or tobacco. I don’t recognise the brands but he says he doesn’t care – a ciggy is a ciggy after all! But half the time when he clicks on “buy” the ad disappears. If you do get through they say “cash only” and want to meet you in a car park on the outskirts of town in the middle of the night. These people are really scary! I really don’t think it’s worth the danger – either from the product itself or the people who sell them. I’m going to try to quit in October – wish me luck!

This story is based on a report we have received.

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