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Steve’s story

I work in a big food manufacturing company – we’ve been really busy during the pandemic as everyone is stocking up on the sorts of products we sell. We’ll have to see what happens later – are people eating everything they buy or will they have cupboards full! One of the guys was bringing in cheap cigarettes to sell to us – his wife works at a local corner shop and they were getting them delivered there – but one of the bosses found out and he was sacked without any warning. Evidently selling illegal tobacco is a criminal offence which means it is gross misconduct – there’s no coming back from that. I was a bit envious when he was making an extra few bob but not any more – no money coming in, hardly any jobs around and even if he could find one, he won’t get a decent reference from here. Talk about the high cost of illegal tobacco – that’s for sure!

This story is based on a report we have received.

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