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Dave and Kayleigh’s story

“I’m so worried about Kayleigh – she is always hanging around the shop on the corner with her mates.”

Dave is in his late 30s, and is stepdad to Kayleigh, who is in her teens

“The shop workers give them illegal cigarettes free of charge and ask them to get their friends to come in and buy. They don’t ask for ID because they know the kids are underage. Kayleigh used to hate smoking and was always going on at me to give up.

“Then she fell in with this crowd at the shop up there and she’s a different person… I used to think illegal tobacco was great – why should we pay huge prices just for the government to cream it all off? But now I can see what Kayleigh is mixed up in and I am scared…”

The above story is based on a report that we have received.

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